The below price scheme is currently applied for Task Me app on Windows Phone. However, we plan to have the same or similar scheme for Task Me app on other platforms in the future.

Cloud Sync

You can synchronize your tasks to Task Me Cloud and to all your logged in devices for free.

Receiving Tasks

You can always receive tasks from your friends, also free-of-charge.

Sending Tasks

The free scheme will limit the number of tasks you can send to others. Particularly:

The above limit is bound to your Task Me account, not to the a single device.

Task Me Premium

If you want to remove all the above limits, you can always go to your accounts, and press Buy Premium!

Why you should purchase Task Me Premium

* coming soon

Again, this applies to your Task Me account, so you can buy once and enjoy the privilege on all your logged in devices, including in the upcoming Windows Store app.

How much you have to pay

Task Me Premium can only be purchase inside the Windows or Windows Phone app with the price of approximately 1 USD.

Compare Task Me Free vs. Task Me Premium